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From PTSD to Meaning and Happiness – The Story of Amber Lyon

Journalist Amber Lyon

Journalist Amber LyonIn order to give you an idea just how powerful shamanism can be, I would like to introduce you to former CNN journalist Amber Lyon.

Having been an investigative reporter for nearly ten years in the field of human rights and environmental issues, Amber suddenly realized just how deeply she had immersed herself in the fates of the people that she was helping.

Being struck with severe anxiety and PTSD symptoms (including short-term memory loss, sleeplessness, hyper arousal and racing heartbeat), the young woman felt like she was “knocking on death’s door”. The pain and trauma of the people she had reported about kept haunting her on a subconscious level.

Feeling that prescription medications and antidepressants would only be treating her symptoms rather than the core of her discomfort, Amber decided that she needed a different approach.

When by chance she was invited on the Joe Rogan podcast, her attention was brought to the healing potential of psilocybin mushrooms. Being amused by this suggestion at first, Amber soon went down a path that was going to change her life for the better.

Investigating the Unthinkable

Having had a long history with investigative journalism, Amber took Joe’s words to heart and researched if there was any merit to them. What she found was that there were numerous studies proving the effectives of psychedelic medicines in the treatment of trauma, PTSD, anxiety, addiction and depression. Seeing how this might be her last chance of getting her life back, Amber jumped the opportunity and booked a plane to Peru.

When Amber participated in an Ayahuasca ceremony in the Amazon jungle near Iquitos Peru, her life suddenly changed. After drinking the foul-tasting tea which is known to launch one into visionary states, Amber was brought to the root of her anxieties. As if a movie played in her head, she was shown her parents’ divorce when she was 4, past relationships, being shot at by foreign police and when she was crushed underneath a crowd during a protest.

Amber says that in this dreamlike state it was possible for her to reprocess all these traumatic events from the perspective of an objective observer. She says this was possible because in this state she was able to detach her fear and emotion from the situations she witnessed.  Amber later said that “the experience was akin to ten years of therapy in one eight-hour ayahuasca session.”

A new Meaning through Health

When with the help of psilocybin mushrooms, Amber was able to revisit even the most terrifying moments of her journalistic career, her was life was finally transformed. Being cured from the anxiety and PTSD symptoms after only five experiences with psilocybin mushrooms in Mexico, she recognized that all the horrors she witnessed were really just the symptoms of a society that has forgotten how to deal with its traumas.

Thus, Amber felt that she wanted to give her life a new meaning by using her skills for spreading the word about the shamanic medicines she found; medicines which have been outlawed in many Western countries. The result of this is the beautiful website, where Amber publishes articles on natural therapies and medicines to enhance the mind, body, and spirit. strives to help expand consciousness and spread more love around the world.  Find out more about Amber’s story here.

Are you struggling with PTSD or anxiety and would like to know if Shamanism can help you with this? Then go right ahead and book a counseling session with me. In these I will answer all your questions regarding how Shamanism can help you.
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