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The Healer Within You – Why Shamanism is so Effective

Healer Within

When it comes to health and wellbeing, there seem to be a million solutions these days. “Try this diet! Eat this pill! Do these exercises!” Not only is this confusing, but many solutions leave out a critical aspect; our psyche!

Healer Within

“Golden Path” by h.koppdelaney

What shamanic cultures have known throughout ages is that the cure for diseases is often found in our consciousness. This is why in the trance states that they invoke, shamans attempt to get to the root of a problem by seeing it from a higher perspective.

While it is up for debate if they are talking to spirits then, there seems to be an increasing awareness of the amazing healing potential that comes out of trance states. Be it PTSD, depression or even addiction, ever more people are recognizing that shamanic healing is working for them. How is that possible though? Isn’t it just superstition of primitives?

Going by my own experience, I can tell you it’s not. That is why in this blogpost, I would like to show you how I learned this myself and why I think shamanic healing is so effective.

Ways towards Happiness

Before I came to shamanic healing, I was depressed. Right out of college, I thought that I had it made. High-rise apartment, personal cleaner, nice dinners… Those were just some of the things that my first internship featured. Unfortunately though, they did not make me happy. Being surrounded by many ambitious people, it appeared that working and sleeping had become my life’s only contents. Even relationships among coworkers were poisoned by money and power.

Once I realized that the corporate world wasn’t for me, I had to think for a while. I just couldn’t find where I had gone wrong. All the decisions that led to my internship seemed fairly reasonable. Being unable to think my way out, I grew depressed. In fact, my helplessness depressed me so much that I could not move ahead without feeling better at first.

When I read up on “happiness” online, I became even more frustrated. It then dawned on me that not only my work environment was sick, but potentially Western society at large… Especially the large amounts of positivity literature I came across on the web were a clear indication to me that there is a bias against negativity. “Why is that though?” I wondered.

Starting out in our school system, competition and reason are strongly encouraged. Only if we get the best grades, hang out with the coolest people and wear the trendiest brands are we considered successful. This ethic then carries over into the workplace, where the ones with the highest salary, the largest network and the most well-known employer stand for success.

Since success implies happiness, it is then no wonder that negative emotions are routinely suppressed. Admitting to being unhappy would be admitting to being a failure; at risk of being crushed by competitors. After experiencing the foolishness of this “success” in my own life, I knew that I had to look elsewhere.

Turning Inside

By chance, I stumbled upon eastern philosophy. As a teenager, I had already been interested in meditation one time. I thought that by using it, one might be able to access fantastic realms that are normally invisible to us. Young and impatient, I never succeeded. At this later point in my life though, it seemed like my best shot at getting into the flow again.

The results were astonishing. While it wasn’t the spectacle that I had hoped for when I was younger, the practice certainly helped me with calming my mind. Having gotten to this stillness within me, I was then able to see why I had been frustrated so much.

What I discovered then was that although business had seemed like the rational choice, I had neglected the call of my heart. When I started exploring my feelings more deeply, I understood that what I had truly desired was a career in a creative profession. Specifically, filmmaking. However, even when I got myself to pursue this option, things still didn’t feel right.

As I listened more closely to what was inside me, I then realized that I wasn’t as much into filmmaking as I was into storytelling. This was mind-blowing stuff, because it meant that I had to go for the rawest storytelling there is; writing. Since I had always been fascinated with paranormal phenomena and with reality in general, I quickly found a topic to write about as well.

Direct Access to the Subconscious Mind

Having recovered the call of my heart in this way, I suppose it wasn’t an accident that my inquiries into reality pointed me inside as well. After studying Aboriginal myths, talking to a Psychic and chasing UFOs, I realized that all these experiences had one thing in common; consciousness. The Aboriginals believe that the universe came from a dream, the psychic was telepathic and even the lights in the desert seemed to react to my mind. What all of this showed me was that the key to reality wasn’t “out there”, but rather “in here”.

Since the practice of shamanism heavily relies on altering consciousness, it was thus just a matter of time until I stumbled upon it. While I had no idea what I was in for, I soon realized that it was more than a tool for getting to grips with reality.

The first thing that it did for me, was helping me deal with my childhood issues. Only when the shamanic trance brought me back to my parent’s divorce, my being bullied in high school and the difficult relationship I had with my father, did I understand just how negatively these traumas have impacted my life. What my experiences showed me was that the way my reality unfolds strongly depends on how I perceive it. Having been in a negative state for much of my life, I thus had no chance of creating happiness for me.

Apart from helping me deal with my childhood issues, the visions and feelings made me aware that reality is far more meaningful than I had thought. Especially sensing the interconnectedness of things and the unconditional love we have inside us left a lasting impression on me. Having instilled this new sense of purpose in me, my depression subsided and felt ready for life again.

When I saw even drug addicts and people with physical ailments get better from shamanism, I understood that what I had truly discovered was that health isn’t outside of us, but rather within us. Before looking to outside remedies for fixing our health, maybe we should listen inside to see which subconscious patterns are holding us back. Since I consider shamanic healing the superior tool for this venture, I feel it’s the best way for activating the healer within us.

If you are unsure whether or not Shamanism can help you or about what to expect from it, I wanted to mention that I have written a book on my own journey with it.  In “Journey to Consciousness“, I also go over the science that proves that Shamanism can help you with getting more meaning and happiness into your life. 

Shamanic Healing for You

  • pete July 23, 2015, 2:06 am

    this all sound.s familiar to me . my personal journey is almost the same . I always new I was difrant from the rest of the crowd. I found out I was a medicine woman in my past life. now in this life im a healer .and im on a long journey.

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